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Tomte with Sheaf
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Tomte with Sheaf

Julkärve (Julenek in Norway) is a Swedish custom known from the 18th century, but likely much older. On Christmas Eve a sheaf of grain, usually oats, and traditionally the best or last of the harvest, was offered to the birds. It was placed on a pole, fence, tree, or rooftop. If no sheaf was available, a plate of grain, bread, or seeds was substituted. It had the pragmatic purpose of distracting birds from the recently harvested store of grain in the barn.

The sheaf was linked with the next harvest. Sometimes the sheaf was placed high in an apple tree, as a petition for generosity to the spirit of the harvest. The arrival of many birds foretold a good crop.

Today the sheaf is a significant reminder that birds also have their place. Just as we, they need to eat. Christmas is a time of sharing.

This common Christmas decoration does not always escape the sensibilities of Scandinavian design. It can be quite stylized.

Inside of card:

Every little birdie gets a treat!
Merry Christmas!

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Tomte with Squirrels

Tomte with Squirrels

It is late afternoon on an autumn day. The sun hangs low near the horizon and bathes everything in an eerie orange glow that seems to come from everywhere. The trees have lost their blanket of snow, but a thin smooth sheet still clings to the ground.

Tomtar had a deep affection for all animals and often provided treats for animals around the farm. Here one sits among Scandinavian squirrels, who are greedily devouring the pine nuts he has provided.

The sentiment for the card echoes our own alarm at how quickly the season has arrived.

Itʼs almost Christmas already!
Wishing you the happiest holidays!”

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