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Tomte with Rabbit
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Tomte with Rabbit

It is an afternoon on an arctic early winter day. It is bitterly cold and dry. A small clearing offers a place to sit. Everything shows a hint of blue, but is otherwise a sea of white. The light is so flat that the shadows have almost disappeared.

Tomtar had a deep affection for all animals. One is shown here with a rabbit.

In Scandinavia during the Romantic Era, it was a tomte who delivered Christmas gifts. Sounds like long, hard, cold work to me.

We will look at the story of the Easter Bunny in another season. In the meantime, the sentiment captures the story.

Inside of card:

Yeah, I know. Easter is warmer.
Best (and warmest) wishes for the holidays!

*all cards sold with envelopes

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Tomte with Squirrels

Tomte with Squirrels

It is late afternoon on an autumn day. The sun hangs low near the horizon and bathes everything in an eerie orange glow that seems to come from everywhere. The trees have lost their blanket of snow, but a thin smooth sheet still clings to the ground.

Tomtar had a deep affection for all animals and often provided treats for animals around the farm. Here one sits among Scandinavian squirrels, who are greedily devouring the pine nuts he has provided.

The sentiment for the card echoes our own alarm at how quickly the season has arrived.

Itʼs almost Christmas already!
Wishing you the happiest holidays!”

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